Personal Services

Do I need a Private Investigator?

There are two fundamental catagories in which a Private Investigator services may benefit.

Prosecution or Litigation

Prosecution of individuals may involve very sensitive and personal issues.  This often involves relatives, friends, and business associates.  Referring cases to law enforcement for investigation may be a difficult option when all of the facts are not known.  Law enforcement officers often have large caseloads and they may not be able to offer your case personal attention.  Discretion in a law enforcement is not always the level that our clients require.  With a Private Investigator, discretion is a priority.  The results of the investigation are yours and the option of referring to prosecution, or proceeding with litigation will  always be open to you.

Personal Knowledge

Often people have issues with others that they feel threaten their person, family, business, or livlihood.  If you need facts to support or disclaim your suspicions, Capstone may be able to assist you in these needs.